About Us

Recycled curtains can be a decorator’s dream

Elspeth Begg has been in the recycling game for a decade, although her focus isn’t on paper, plastic or tin but rather other people’s mistakes or changing tastes.

Elspeth’s Norwood shop, Redecorate, specialises in new and recycled curtains and blinds and also sells antique furniture, porcelain and mirrors. Her mother, Robbie, started the Magill Rd business 10 years ago from a one-room shop. “The business just grew and grew and we had to move three times to keep up,’’ Elspeth says.

“Our focus here is on new and recycled curtains. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with the recycled items. They might be the wrong dye-lot, the wrong size or the wrong colour and we take them from manufacturers and interior designers and sell them at a fraction of the cost.’’

She says that dressing a window in a quality curtain or blind can cost about $1000. “We can do it with a recycled item for just $300 - $400 per window, so that’s a huge saving,’’ Elspeth says.

“We only take good quality curtains and blinds that are lined and that have been professionally made.’’

The shop is a tasteful treasure trove of Victorian and Georgian antiques, fabric rolls, upholstered bedheads, cushions, chandeliers, lamps and there’s even a rack of clothing, belts and handbags made by Elspeth.

As well as helping customers make the right choices in new and recycled items, Elspeth can help with interior design and styling. “We have a lot of regular customers and have seen some people through several houses and building projects,’’ Elspeth says. 

“We get people coming in just for the fabric to use for upholstery and have had theatre groups in and filmmakers who source items for sets and props. There’s always something happening.’’

Redecorate takes the risk out of buying curtains, as their vast range of curtains and blinds are all hanging on display for their customers to see clearly. 

This differs drastically from purchasing a pair of curtains from an interior decorator or curtain maker, whom will require customers to choose their curtains from a small sample of fabric. At Redecorate, the process is foolproof, as customers are also able to take their desired curtain home for 24 hours to ensure it suits their existing furnishings and decoration. There is no obligation to purchase the curtain if it does not suit. Rather, Elspeth will assist you further until you find your dream curtain.

It is an exciting and dynamic shop and the stock changes incredibly fast, ensuring that if you visit Redecorate's website or shop regularly, you will find exactly what you desire. Happy hunting!