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Who is Redecorate

About Us

Why Redecorate

Elsbeth [owner] says that dressing a window in a quality curtain or blind can cost approximately $1000. “We can do it with a recycled item for just $300 - $400 per window, so that’s a huge saving,’’. Not only are we trying to promote recyable materials but also providing one-off products that no one else with have but you. 


"From the moment I stepped into their shop, the owner Elspeth was so welcoming and helpful with the shopping process"

- Cherry | Adelaide

"I had heard about Redecorate from a friend. Sent a query about purchasing recyclable curtains. Their response time was amazing as well as their service. Highly recommend"

- Brian | Victoria

Our store

146 Magill Rd Norwood SA 5067

Mon - Fri, 11.15am - 5pm
Saturday, 11am - 4pm
Sunday - Closed

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